Company Profile

FirstMark Construction is a privately-owned company with offices across the United States. FirstMark specializes in site developments, subdivisions, municipal work, asphalt and concrete construction, heavy civil developments, and structural pier foundations.  FirstMark Construction began performing commercial site development construction and subdivision municipal construction including earthwork, gravel, concrete, and asphalt placement in Billings, MT. The relationships we have with our clients have allowed us to expand our service area for this type of work into many areas throughout the United States.

Heavy civil development of specialized projects is also a service market we provide to our clients. FirstMark has performed large, heavy civil projects including railroad sidings, crude oil rail load out facilities; grain elevator and load out facilities; stormwater and sanitary sewer retention ponds; and large rural road, site development, and commercial projects. In addition to performing heavy civil earthwork on specialized projects, FirstMark Materials, FirstMark’s sister company, is a portable custom aggregate crushing company that can manufacture aggregate products meeting any project specification. With this combination, FirstMark can successfully complete heavy civil projects ranging from a few thousand cubic yards in size to millions of cubic yards.

In addition to commercial site development and heavy civil construction, FirstMark Construction has been a fierce competitor and a leader in the highly specialized industry of concrete pier foundations through FirstMark Foundations. Our clients have specifically requested our crews to work on projects ranging in scope from a single sign foundation at a new fueling station to a project with 585 shafts for a new electrical substation. FirstMark utilizes drilling rigs varying in size to work any deep foundation pier application required. Typically, you can find FirstMark drilling and placing concrete piers for building/bridge/structure foundations, substations, transmission lines, solar farms, and pump stations.

The FirstMark family of companies has experienced successful growth by keeping thesuccess of our clients in mind. Attention to detail of our client’s needs and requests are at the heart of every project. This has led us to combine our expertise of concrete pier foundation construction and heavy civil operations to provide a unique total package that no other foundation driller currently provides. FirstMark can handle new electrical substation, transmission line, wind farm, and solar farm development beginning with the clear & grub stages to complete and finished concrete foundations. With skilled, professional and passionate employees, FirstMark will make your future project a reality.